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Kids Clear™ Clay Baths & Kids Chelat™ Metal Chelator
Kids Clear Clay Bath
"I am absolutely amazed that after a few short baths with Kids Clear™ clay, my son's behavior has changed quite noticeably..."
- F.M., Sydney, Australia
Kids Chelat Heavy Metal Chelator
"Our 2 1/2 year old son, who is autistic, increased his vocabulary from 4-5 words to 20 words straight after taking the first 3 drops of Kids Chelat™..." - Bruce P., Lake Forest, CA

Dear Friends and Families of Children on The Autism Spectrum:

Welcome to clayforautism.com. This website was created for families and children who do not live in the United States. We ourselves live in the United States, and our business is located in Tucson AZ. We are the parents of a child with Asperger’s Syndrome, or mild autism, and for several years we sold specific products within the United States and abroad to parents and families within the autism community.

As per FDA regulations, we are no longer able to talk about and promote specific natural products and therapies for disorders such as autism within the US. However, we felt that it was important and necessary to continue to make these products and this information available to the international community.

As parents, we proclaim the basic rights of people all around the world to choose for themselves the types of products, therapies or treatment modalities they think are best for treating and preventing disorders in themselves and in their children’s minds and bodies. We proclaim all parents’ freedom to include health options that include but are not limited to cutting-edge treatment modalities and therapies practiced or used by any types of healers or therapists or practitioners world-wide, whether traditional or non-traditional, conventional or unconventional.

More specifically, the mission of our organization is to provide information on products and services related to autism as alternatives to medication and invasive treatments. We also specialize in specific heavy-metal detoxification products for the wholesale and retail market, and we offer these products for sale to our international customers at an affordable cost.

We also strive to stay on the leading edge of new products so we can best serve our families and special-needs children.

The products offered on this website are safe for children of all ages and have a reasonably good chance of lessening or mitigating some of the symptoms associated with autism spectrum disorders. We do not claim that these products can cure autism, as there is no cure for autism. However, many parents of autistic children have seen their children’s symptoms reverse or go away entirely. Click here for our testimonials page.

We recognize that no therapy or product is foolproof, and we recognize that the advice shared on this web site does not necessarily conform to conventional medical practice. However, all products sold on this web site can safely be used alongside traditional medical treatments.

In conclusion, we are not doctors, but parents who wish to make this information and these products available to children and families worldwide. The products and educational information provided on this web site are offered in the capacity of fellow parents, not in the capacity of health care practitioners, in order for our children to achieve better health with an improved quality of life.

Introducing Kids Clear™ Detox Clay Baths and Kids Chelat™ Heavy Metal Chelator
Kids Clear Clay Bath Our Kids Clear™ clay is an all-natural product from the earth, which has the ability to draw metals, chemicals and other contaminants out through the pores of the skin. Kids Chelat™ is a patented metal chelator used by doctors and healthcare practitioners worldwide, which was shown in clinical studies to reduce the level of heavy metal ions in the body significantly, without side-effects.
Kids Chelat Heavy metal chelator

These products are safe, inexpensive, highly effective, easy to use, and they do not require visits to a health care practitioner's office.

I'd like to state again very clearly that we understand there is no cure for autism at this time. The products and therapies featured on this website are not meant to promote a cure for autism spectrum disorders. The reason we and other health-care practitioners emphasize detoxification is because, as was determined by Drs. Walsh and Usman in a large autism study, children on the autism spectrum have what is known as a metal-metabolism disorder, meaning they are unable to detoxify metals and chemicals effectively.

As a result, these toxins build up in the body, affecting all of the tissues and organs, including the brain and central nervous system. This is why some children are negatively affected by vaccinations, while others are not. It has to do with how well the child is able to detoxify the vaccination toxins.

Please read and view the following testimonies, which show the results that may be possible when you remove the toxic burden from your child's body. All of the testimonials on our site are real parent statements that are unsolicited and unedited.

We believe your products saved our son and
we can't begin to thank you!

"On January 14th, 2010, our world was shattered, we were told that our sons behavior and speech delays were most likely due to autism and should have him evaluated to confirm those suspicions. We found your website and by January 19th he had his first Kids Clear™ clay bath and dose of Kids Chelat™. The next day we began to notice changes and by weeks end his frustration level and tantrums were almost non existent, his speech was clearer, he was more outgoing and independent wanting to do things for himself.

As the days went on he seemed to improve but we weren't sure, was this really happening or was this what we wanted to see? We were able to fast track an assessment and on January 26 the findings were music to our ears.....NO SIGNS OF AUTISM IN THIS CHILD! We believe your products saved our son and we can't begin to thank you!"

- Kathryn K., Mississauga, Ontario, Canada

Thank you Evenbetternow for helping my son.
The little boy that was once taken from me is back!
autism video
Click here to view this truly inspirational video of Keven's remarkable turnaround in finding his words again. This video was made by Keven's father Norberto and is in its original unedited version.
"Finding the Words"
by Norberto Patino
"Keven lost his baby speech at the age of 18 months, right after his vaccinations..."

"A couple of days ago my son Keven came downstairs and told me he was back. So I asked him, "Back from where Keven?", and he said, "I was very far away from you but now I am closer to you." All the while he pointed to his head."

"While you were far away from me, where you happy Keven?" And his reply was, "I was alone and afraid". This from a child that walks the same shadow with me from the moment he was diagnosed."

"Thank you EvenBetterNow for helping my son. The little boy that was once taken from me is back. Thank you for helping Keven remove the heavy metal load from his body. The clay was the key."

"Keven's teachers are left without words as he continues to improve. I can never thank you enough. God bless you!"

"We started clearing Keven's body with Kids Clear™ [clay baths] and EDTA [Kids Chelat™]. The more we did it the better he became. His speech came back."

Though we are amazed and delighted with the numerous success stories we receive, I wish to emphasize that not every child will have significant gains such as these. It is my hope that if metals and chemicals are indeed contributing to your child's condition, then by removing these toxins, then at least some changes in their behavioral skills, mood, focus, and other areas may be possible.

To read more of the numerous testimonials we have received from families using this powerful combination of Kids Clear™ and Kids Chelat™, click here.

To view a televised segement on Kids Clear™ and Kids Chelat™, click on the watch video button below.

As Seen on CNN Video and Oprah's Oxygen Channel

Evenbetternow® featured on Pulse on America's “Autism Series"
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Click the Watch Video button above

For complete details on these safe chelation and detoxification products , please click here.

We also offer therapeutic supplements to augment the detoxification protocol and to support the child's nutritional status and health. For complete information on this and our Kids Spectrum Supplement Pack, please click here.

Because we've had such wonderful results with these products, our goal is to make them widely available to anyone who has a child on the autism spectrum by keeping the cost of these products low and affordable. We hope you find this information both uplifting and informative. And we wish you and your children all the best on your healing journey.

Yours in Health,

Andrea Nichols, M.S.W.
Health Advocate

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