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Kids Chelat™ Heavy Metal Chelator

Parent Testimonials

Please Note: Bio-Chelat™ is the same base formula as Kids Chelat™, the only difference being that Kids Chelat has added trace minerals for children.

"I recently ordered the Kids Chelat™ and Kids Clear clay baths for my 10 year old son.. The results were astounding. My son was able to transition out of his special education classroom at school and he needs his classroom assistant much less. We were able to function as a normal family. When we ran out [of the Kids Chelat], I decided to try another chelation product. My son is now having problems at school again and home life has again become stressful for all of us. I have two bottles of Kids Chelat from Evenbetternow.com coming through the mail and I can say, I will never try another product again! Thank you!!!"

- Julia J., Morenci, MI

"I have been quite happy with the Kids Chelat™. My son used to do a lot of stimming, but now it has all gone away. He also used to scream a lot and that has curbed down by about 50%, which is such a gross improvement from how he used to be before chelation therapy using your products. I use both the Kids Clear Clay Baths and the Kids Chelat. I thank you more than words will ever allow me to express. Again, thank you so much for giving me hope. Aloha!"

- Ava C., West Covina, CA

"I have a 21 year old son [developmentally challenged] who started taking the Kids Chelat™ about one month ago in June '08. I have already noticed a slight in improvement in my son with his behavior and mannerisms.

I am even using it on myself. I have noticed for me more energy and my sinus problems have disappeared over the past month."

- Jeff R., Tipp City, OH

"Hello this is Karen R., and I was just letting you know that the Kids Chelat™ really works. My little boy is 7 years old and he can't talk or I can't get him potty trained. He has been on this Kids Chelat™ product for about 2 months. He is making differant sounds and he can say some words now. He tells me and my husband that he loves us. It would make you cry because I never thought I would hear those words from him. He also is eating better and chewing his food he couldn't chew before.

This product is a blessing to our family. Thank you so much for giving us some hope for our little angel. I do believe that God sent me to your website and thank you again."

- Karen R., Inez, Kentucky

"I have started my Grandson (who is on the spectrum) on the Kids Chelat™ and the Kids Clear™ clay baths. I do see him communicating much better since starting on this protocol. I would also like to thank your staff for helping me navigate through the correct products to help my Grandson. I appreciate their knowledge and help.”

- Bonnie O., Peabody, MA

“My son Ethan has been on Bio-Chelat™ since October 2005. His mercury started off at 14 mg/l, then went to 21 mg/l, and then dropped 8.8 mg/l and continued to drop on his last reading to 5.6 mg/l. His arsenic level is also gradually declining.

In terms of development, he is doing superbly well and is in mainstream kindergarten. I will certainly continue using the Bio-Chelat™ on him and have enjoyed the good benefits he has received.”

- T. C., Singapore

"We have just started using the Kids Chelat™ on my son. He has made such a big turn around. He now has a sense of humor, he talks and reads now, counts to 150, and knows his ABC's and colors. He has come such a long way from where he was three years ago."

- Tony & Deshanna A., San Diego, CA

“My son Anthony is 5 years old. I wish to seek further the application of removing heavy metals from his system since an elemental hair analysis was done on him with shocking results!

Within a couple of weeks of using Bio-Chelat™ on Anthony using the recommended dosage listed on the label, his speech returned at a higher level than his usual immature echolailic type dialogue. This positive change is encouraging and has prompted me to continue the heavy metal detoxification along with giving his body and immune system the nutrients it needs."

- Olivia P., Logan City, Queensland, Australia

"Our son, who has attention deficit problems, has been taking Kids Chelat. Usually he takes 30 minutes to 1 hour to do 5 pages of homework, but was able to do 7 pages in 16 minutes yesterday without help!"

- Shuko D., Worcester, MA

"As a mother, I have proactively seached via the world wide web for valuable info to better champion my son's needs. Enter this website. I initially ordered the toxic metal test. The product came within 3 days. The instructions were easy to follow and the results were fast - not to mention the reasonable price tag. This encouraged me to try the Kids Chelat with the hopes of detoxifying my son's cadmium levels with little to no side effects.

Thanks CC, for your wealth of information. You are an absolute gem!  Thank you for tackling every question with great  fervor and humor which places every mother immediately at ease. I look forward to receiving the Kids Chelat (pronounced: KEYLATE)

Great Company, great products!

Keep up the great work and God Bless!

- Nancy C., Elk Grove, CA

"My son is neurologically and behaviorally challenged. In 2006 we saw that both of his little toenails were dark. First we thought he must have stubbed them or something like that, but they stayed dark for a very long time. Since we believed this to be a sign of heavy metal toxicity we started him on Kids Chelat. The town where we used to live in Nebraska turned out to have the worst air quality in the state due to a fertilizer plant south of town.

Four months after we started our son on the Kids Chelat, one toenail was completely clear after being dark for two years. We could see a definite line between the dark nail and the healthier clear nail coming in behind it.

He is a lot calmer and his progress at the autism school is accelerating. We also have had him take the glyconutrients for the last two months as well."

- Stephanie H., Cripple Creek, CO

"I have started the Kids Chelat on my son about a week ago. I think I see an improvement in my son already...he is doing more appropriate things and using more appropriate language. Now I can manage his behavior and he is doing much better. Thanks for your continuous support."

- Lani H. K., La Canada, CA

"The Kids Chelat™ totally changed my autistic son from a hand flapping hyper kid to a sweet mellow angel. It was amazing... Even after the first dose I saw automatic results. It is such a wonderful product, I don't know how I survived without it."

- Lindsey V., Washington, MO

Two Case Studies from Dr. Thomas Nissens’ Files:

1. Peter G., Age 6
Born Jan 17, 1999 in Columbia. At age 8 days, survived the collapse of his family’s house in a violent earthquake. 9 days later, he was given vaccinations for DPT, Polio, and hepatitis. Since then, he has been agitated and hyperactive. He was then diagnosed as autistic. He had very little speech (only single-syllable Spanish words).

Was first tested for heavy metals concentration on Jan. 7, 2005 – Hg level was 10 mg/l. He started taking Bio-Chelat™ Jan 2005 with 25 mg Zn and 0.4 mg folic acid. He took 5 drops 3x per day for two weeks, then 10 drops 3x per day. He became quieter, and his speech improved. He was able to put together a few words in meaningful phrases. Also, he demonstrated improved social response.

Second test was given on Feb. 6, 2005 – Hg level was 0.5 mg/l. He continued with taking Bio-Chelat, and his improvement in speech remains stable. Mother was able to lower dose to 5 drops, 1x per day.

2. Eric P, Age 5
Eric had a traumatic birth, being stuck in the birth canal, culminating in a Ceasarean delivery. He had vaccinations at regular times. Then became very passive. No speech and socially non-responsive.

He was tested for heavy metals Jan 22, 2004 – Hg level was 5 mg/l. He began taking Bio-Chelat™ plus zinc and folic acid. In May, 2005, he is more communicative and social. He is learning to speak.

Testimonies using both Kids Chelat™ & Kids Clear™ Clay Baths

"I am the mother of a 5 year old little girl that went backwards after receiving her MMR shot at age 18 months. After the shot she stopped talking and eating with utensils, and seemed to be in a world of her own.

She has been in special ed classes since she was 4 years old. I started to use the Kids Clear baths and Kids Chelat drops in December. I could not believe the difference they have made with my daughter. Previously, she was using pec cards at school to communicate with her teachers. After using these two products together, within 1 week I started noticing a big difference in her. She no longer needs the pec cards to communicate. She can now say what she wants and needs.

Her teachers were asking me if I was doing anything differenct. I just let them know about the therapy and they agreed that she is like a different child. I was a very skeptical mom at first to try this, but I thank God that I did. Thanks to Evenbetternow for helping bring my daughter back to us.

- Tracey C., Manchester, NJ

"I want to take the time to thank you first off for always answering my questions quickly. I have had such great results with the combination of your Kids Chelat and Kids Clear clay bath. I have been giving my son a bath every 5 days for 20 minutes and with great results.

My son is now calmer, does NOT do anymore of the stimming he used to do and has the eye contact that I have so longed for from him. Thank you very, very much. You have no idea how much my son has improved simply from the combination of your two products in such a short period of time. Mahalo nui loa and aloha!"

- Ava Kahealani C., West Covina, CA

"Hi, I am the father of an 8 year old boy that was not speaking correctly and most of the time not speaking at all. Things were not looking so good for him at school since he could not communicate with the rest of the children or even associate with them. He had an assistant to help him in school that could only help him so far. Keven could not understand his teacher and alway answered incorrectly at the teachers questions.

A few months ago we started a program that included your Kids Chelat™ and Kids Clear™ baths. The results have been nothing short of a Miracle. Keven is understanding, he is speaking and hanging out with his friends at school and his grades are A's and more A's. He is making jokes and understanding them also. My son is doing so good that I want everyone to hear about your products. I am telling you this because I haven't felt this happy in a long time. Please allow me to send you his report card.

By the way his gpa. is 96.8 at a private school (one the best schools on the island) without an assistant. I give you the authority to collaborate my story by calling his school. Please do so if you find it necesary."

- Norberto P., Isabela, PR

autism video
Click here to view this truly inspirational video of Keven's remarkable turnaround in finding his words again. This video was made by Keven's father Norberto and is in its original unedited version.

"I'm the mother of a 10 year old boy [who is neurologically challenged]. Two years ago, Jason was in special ed and now he is a straight A honor student in a main stream classroom. I've noticed a major difference in the last year in his speech, personality, appetite, eating habits, behavior, and even a difference in his skin. Jason used to have eczema on certain parts of his body and after the first Kids Clear™ clay bath I noticed a major improvement.

I also ordered the Kids Chelat™ and Kid's Calm Magnesium. These products are safe and absolutely wonderful for your children. I would only order these products from Evenbetternow because of the great price and because we trust them. My son is living proof that these products work and are safe. Evenbetternow can always count on my business and thanks. If any other parents have questions about these products for their child, please send me an email at caw36@bellsouth.net and I'll respond."

- Cheryl M., Oakdale, LA

"I have a [severely developmentally and neurologically challenged] child, who's teacher at school found your website and told me about it. We bought the Kids Clear™ clay baths and the Kids Chelat™ drops. Wow! By just giving him the clay bath, we could see how much calmer he was. His teacher said he was eager to do things at school. I mean, we have gone from a child that slams cupboards and jumps all day long, to a child that can sit on the couch and watch a show, and find ways to entertain himself. He is so much happier.

I love the products. I am also starting my older child on it because he might have ADHD. I'll let you know how it works. Thank you so much."

- Nelda H., Colorado City, AZ

"What a great Mother's Day I had! After two short months of using EBN offered products, my child snuggled next to me in bed and said I love you. The main improvements we've experienced are that my child's attention span has tripled, eye contact is awesome. Better sense of humor, etc.

We used a combination of the following: Kids Chelat, Kids Clay Baths, Children's DHA, DMG Liquid, Lipoceutical Glutathione and Probiotic Pearls. CC Raphael and Dr. Nissen provide much hope and are there when you need them."

- Julie, South Orange, NJ

"Hello! I'm just writing to extol the virtues of these two products, Kids Chelat™ and Kids Clear™ clay baths. They are truly amazing and they seem to be just what the doctor ordered for my son.

My son, then three, was diagnosed with PDD-NOS in April 2007. Since then, he's been doing well with therapy and preschool, but I felt he needed more. He struggled with a few things, like eating with utensils and potty training. He just didn't seem to be getting it and he still seemed to not understand a lot of what I said to him.

I came across your site and after reading about heavy metal toxicity, ordered the Kids Chelat™ and Kids Clear™ clay baths. They arrived in December and he got his first clay bath on the 21st and his first dose of Kids Chelat on the 22nd of December. By the time, school opened on January 2nd, a week and a half or so later, he was fully potty trained, and using his fork and spoon like a pro! No, seriously, he really was!!

On top of that, he's talking up a storm, asking for things he wants more than ever, and he's showing he has a sense of humor and interacting with family members more. I mean, it's just incredible! I really can't wait to see what his teachers say now that he's back at school.

I'm just so grateful for these two products. They've really made the difference in my son's life in a really short period of time. Im planning to order two other products from your site right now that I think will help him even further. Thanks for making these available and keep up the good work!"

"From an extremely grateful,
C. Johnson in New York"

"I have applied your products Kids Clear and Kids Chelat heavy metal chelator to my child since February 2008, and the results are very good. My son is calmer, he can study with his therapist and he can now ride a bicycle. I will continue to apply your products. Thank you."

- Nur W., Central Java, Indonesia

"I purchased the Kids Chelat™ and Kids Clear™ clay baths for my child in December 2007. Your products are awesome. As researchers have proven, children with autism cannot kick out the heavy metals out of their system like other children can. The Kids Chelat and Kids Clear have helped a lot. I am also doing GFCF diets to help her. Since Dec. 2007, my child has improved so much that people thought I had put her on medication."

Kim N., Beaufort, SC

"We purchased the Kids Spectrum Detoxification Pak a few months ago, and we will continue ordering your products. We have been using the detoxifying clay baths as well as the heavy metal chelator on our 9 year old son. Your products are safe and easy to use, and we track changes with the heavy metal screen tests. Our son also enjoys drinking the Emer'gen C electrolyte drink. Our experience using your products for children has been very positive."

- Tina and Angelo K., Montreal, Canada

"We have started using the Kids Clear Detoxifying Clay Baths & Kids Chelat Heavy Metal Chelator on our child and heard him say a few words for the first time in almost 2 years. It made my wife and I so overjoyed that we had tears in our eyes. It certainly has made a great change in his behaviour. He now plays with his brothers and before he would only play by himself. It was worth every penny and I would recommend your products to anyone. Thank You for your wonderful service."

- Muhammad K., London, England

"I have just started to use the Kids Clear clay baths and Kids Chelat, as well as the Children's DHA cod liver oil for my son; and I can tell you that his behavior has begun to change. He sleeps much better and he is beginning to show interest in things around him. He doesn't climb like a tiger as he used to and he is beginning to say more words.

I used these products on my other sons and myself, and I can tell you they are really working for us. I wish I would have known about these products long ago. I have introduced your website to some of my friends."

- Suan A., Kent, Great Britain

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